Dream goals too scary! 3 Must Know facts to change that NOW!

A new phase of your life starts tomorrow. It really does. Yet that can be extremely difficult to buy into when often it’s more than tough to let of what happened in the past or even worked before in terms of reaching goals.

There are 3 really important things to remind yourself of in a gentle but consistent way to make your goals that you have now, in the present, a reality.

  1. You can’t change the past but you can control the present to shape the future.To make for a better future you have to stop doing all the things that don’t work for you currently. Even if you make baby steps this week towards your goals it is better than staying the same. For years I made myself miserable and exhausted because I was resistant to the changes I needed to make for a stronger self. It all just seemed like too much work. Once I made those changes by breaking them down into steps I was willing to do, I knocked each mini-goal out of the park. I realized it was so much easier to change than stay that old miserable self.


  1. Write down some small goals this week and don’t rest until you make them reality.It makes you stronger. You can make yourself strong or make yourself miserable. The choice really is all yours but the amount of effort that goes into either state is the same.


  1. If you are avoiding your fitness challenges, you may be overwhelmed by how much you know you have to do to reach your particular goals. It all seems like such a reach. Tell yourself over and over thatyou don’t have to be perfect, you just have to start. There is a healing power that comes from a solid sweat. Not from performing killer squats or hard core interval circuits in particular. There is just this sense of accomplishment that your entire body and mind feels when you have increased your oxygen intake deeply, regardless of your beginning fitness level. Embrace your current fitness level. It’s just that-current. It’s your starting block. That’s all. But the sweat you accomplish will improve the remainder of your day and propel you into a brighter future. It washes over your spirit and brings new life to your thoughts and feelings from the past! I’m not even remotely as angry or frustrated at the world after I did my best workout for any given day. It seems to melt away. And it will for you too.

Consider this:

Fit people aren’t happy simply because they are fit. Fit people are happy because they feel an internal shift from getting a good sweat on. The power of exercise should NEVER be underestimated. Judging yourself as your strive toward goals or waiting for the perfect time to start-well, that takes a lot of extra effort and doesn’t necessarily make you any happier. One of my clients and friends summed it up for me quite simply,: “The more I sweat the happier I get!” Make yourself strong or make yourself miserable, but the effort is the same. It really, is up to you. But if I had to whisper something in your ear right now, it would sound a little like, “Come on, go get it, one step at time.”