Choosing healthy foods for a weight loss diet can be challenging. The grocery store shelves are crammed with products marked reduced calorie, healthy substitute, fat-free, lower fat, and so on. The way that some foods are labeled, it’s easy to believe that you’re eating healthy options. But food labels sometimes are not as they may seem and can unintentionally ruin your weight loss goals. Here are 5 foods that can fool your weight loss diet plan.

Healthy Option Fast Food And Snacks


Fast food snacks, like chips or biscuits, that are marked as low fat or no fat can often contain hidden sugars and can be very high in calories. One low fat cookie can be 50 calories or more. And how often do we eat just one cookie? Make sure you learn how to read food labels whilst on your weight loss diet and monitor your serving sizes. Always remember that junk food is junk food irrespective of how healthy the labeling says it is. Always eat it in moderation.

Diet Sodas


These fake sweet drinks might be doing more harm than good to your weight loss diet plan. They are typically loaded with artificial sweeteners that can make you want to eat more and lead to cravings for sweets. As an alternative, add slices of lemon or orange to water and give yourself something that’s genuinely sweet and not bad for you.

Salad Dressing


Salad is great food for a weight loss diet. It’s good for you and its low in calories. But most people like to eat salad with some type of dressing. Keep in mind that low fat dressings are not low calorie food and can be stuffed with extra sugar to make up for the flavor. Go for vinaigrettes made from olive oil and vinegar or other homemade dressings which are a better option when you’re trying to lose weight.

Portion Sizes (Even On Healthy Foods)


Portion sizes are confusing on packaged food, but you can also run into problems with natural foods. For example, a serving size of an avocado is only 50 calories. But having said that, it’s also only a fifth of a whole avocado. Even though an avocado contains a very healthy fat, it’s high in calories. Once again, moderation and calorie control is key.



A lot of people are using pre-packaged frozen fruits and veggies to make smoothies, or buying them at their local coffee stop. These smoothies typically contain additional things like yogurt and sugary syrups making them a high calorie drink. If you want to enjoy these frozen drinks, it’s best to make them yourself, and keep a careful eye on what goes in them.

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