Don’t we all love food!! Yes, we do infact some love it much more than we all do. Having more food than required fills us up, both stomach wise and satisfaction wise. Some eat to forget, some to get over their emotions and others cause they just love to eat. Whatever the reason might be, over eating leads to overweight which is stepping stone to being obese or severely overweight. If you are overweight, you should sincerely consider rapid weight loss for your well being both personally, professionally and financially.

Lets not get into the facts how eating more or being overweight or being obese can be bad, cause so many just don’t bother. Now being overweight is also bad for the wallet, your financial status and for the overall well being of the country and the business you work with. Rapid weight loss now can be really beneficial so to the fact you can start seeing results in as little as 12 hours. At Least you get to have more money if not anything else.

5 Ways Rapid Weight Loss Means More Money For You

1. Medical Costs – An overweight person can have up to 4 times additional annual medical expenses of a normal person, not including the visits to doctor, time spent on visits, money spent on travel and so forth. Imagine one saving $3000 a year just because now they eat less and have lost fat and weight. As the age increases obese people are more prone to high blood pressure, diabetes and heart diseases. Also they might take unrequired medicines for normal issues as stomach botherings due to high food intake.

2. Food Costs – Dropping a few pant sizes might be actually worthwhile for saving money. Assuming $5 a meal’s cost and you eat half dinner, you could end up saving a $1000 a year. If one looks at overall food intake during the day and reducing it by half will definitely show more money in the wallet towards the end of the week.

3. Health Insurance Premiums – Overweight people as more prone to diseases and thus insurance companies charge more premiums for over weight and obese people. Insurance companies are always happy to get more money from you and being over weight is just a very happy simple reason for them to. So you save money there too.

4. Boost Your Salary – Employers may not hire an overweight or obese person due to higher health care costs and lower productivity rates. Also fit people tend to fit more into the surroundings and merge well.

5. More Off Days – Obese people on average take 4 more sick leave than normal people. This leads to less productivity and less money as unpaid leave in some cases. Obese people might have some health issues here and there that may prevent them from work a particular day.

These 5 ways you would better off financially if you were to have rapid weight loss and the results would be visible in as little as 12 hours. So if not for health, one could at least lose weight for wealth. Wish you good luck.

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