People all but tell you what a fat slob you are and that you need to thin down a lot. They also give you unasked for advice on what to eat and what to avoid eating, how much to exercise and when. But there are times when despite all your best and honest efforts, things just don’t work for you. At such times, ditch all the advice and try some of these diet habits that could turn the tide for you:
Have your ears acupunctured: You probably never imagined that you would have your ears needled, but if you knew that it could curb your appetite, you might give it some serious thought. According to research, there are five points on the ears that are related to digestion and hunger. When these points are acupunctured, people lose weight. Worth a try, don’t you think?
Maintain a food diary: This one always works for dieters. By tracking all that you ate in a day prevents you from doing it again. But now, research proves that you could take a photo of the food you want to eat rather than write it in a diary because this gives you the option of changing your food choice for a healthy one.

Drink plenty of water: Here’s another of the many diet habits that can trim your waistline. If you drink cold water, your metabolism can get a boost since your body must now work harder to warm the cold water, so you will lose more calories. Drinking water from time to time also gives you a feeling of fullness and keeps you from snacking. It also keeps you hydrated before you begin to work out and helps release hormones that build muscles.
Stop sitting, stand up: Everyone knows that sitting for long makes you add weight. So, instead of this, get to your feet every now and then by responding to calls, working on your laptop while standing and speaking to your colleagues while standing. You can also do some exercises while standing and contribute to some weight loss.

glass with health
glass with health

Are you getting enough sleep? One of the keys to weight loss is getting adequate sleep. You tend to put on weight when you don’t sleep enough which makes you eat more than you should. This happens because your body metabolism doesn’t function well in the absence of adequate amount of sleep, hence you tend to reach out to foods you shouldn’t be eating and put on weight.

Eat at the same time each day: You should schedule your meal times so that you eat between 8 am and 8 pm each day. If you do this, you can lose significant amounts of weight, something enabled by the rhythm of the body’s natural digestive system that reaches its peak during the day and ebbs at night.

Keep a straight posture: If you sit and stand straight and pay keen interest to your posture, not only will your figure look good but you will automatically make your stomach muscles tone up.This, in turn, will prevent you from eating unnecessarily and pile on the kilos.
Hang out with positive people: If you want to maintain a healthy lifestyle, you need to be in the midst of positive-minded people. A healthy support group of friends will help you reach your goal faster and you will begin to make healthy lifestyle choices that contribute to further weight loss.
These diet habits are easy to follow, result-oriented and can bring you the much-desired weight loss that diet plans couldn’t.