How to lose fat fast? There are many answers to that question. But all of them will take some time and effort. Because you’ve built up those fat stores over months or even years, it won’t disappear magically overnight. By following a diet and working out regularly, you can enjoy quick weight loss.


1. Change Your Lifestyle

Small changes can make a big difference. This is not an all or none shift. You can start by modifying one or two things, including them in your daily routine, and later adding on more tweaks.

2. Eat Out Less

Eating in restaurants will certainly help you put on weight. Fast food is bound to lead to fat deposits on your belly and thighs. This is because you eat food that’s rich in carbs and fat. By cutting down to eating out only once a week and cooking the remaining meals at home, you’ll lose weight.


3. Reduce Salt

When you consume more salty food, your body retains water and that adds to your weight. Salty snacks like peanuts, crisps and candy bars are best avoided. Limit the addition of extra salt to food. This by itself will help you lose weight.

4. Have a Healthy Breakfast

Your first meal of the day sets the tone and reduces sugar craving by mid-morning. Just eating a balanced breakfast will help you lose weight because your overall calorie intake over the day will decrease. A breakfast bar gives you 300 calories and keeps you satisfied for much of the day.

Breakfast with coffee, rolls, egg, orange juice, muesli and cheese
Breakfast with coffee, rolls, egg, orange juice, muesli and cheese

5. Exercise Often

It isn’t necessary to go to the gym for a complete workout daily. If you prefer it, you can exercise in short, intense bursts right at home. Crunches and jumping jacks are good exercises to lose weight fast.

6. Stop Eating Snacks

Unhealthy snacks in the fridge or cupboard are a constant source of temptation. Get rid of the high carb foods and snacks. Don’t buy any more. Replace them with healthy alternatives like nuts, grains, fruit and vegetables. Eating healthier food will make you slim and fit.


7. Walk Daily

Instead of chatting with friends in a coffee shop, take them along with you on a walk. Conduct meetings while strolling in the park. Move around the office to discuss things with colleagues. As you get work done, you’ll also move around and get more exercise.

8. Reduce Portions

Turn down offers to supersize your orders. Ask for healthy toppings on a pizza. Cut down on desserts. Stick to your total calorie intake targets. By being disciplined about how much you eat, you’ll soon be able to lose weight.