Diets that are less rich in carbohydrates, more specifically added sugars and starches together with those diets with either no or minimal animal fat from dairy and flesh products is recommended by most specialists. The best and most recommended diets for fast weight loss is always based on veggies, fruits in their wholesome form and soy products for building lean muscles. However, for those who find it still difficult to subsist on a fully vegan diet, shellfish, fish, egg whites, skin-less poultry breasts, 95% lean meat together with non fat dairy products can be used.


Important guidelines when you are on a weight loss diet

· Drinking plenty of water during these period flashes out toxins thus encouraging an increase in the metabolism rates.

· Eating vegetables will help you to have a longer feel of being full thus you will take in lesser calories.

· Never skip meals as this may encourage snacking. In addition, trimming the body involves an increase in the rate of metabolism. Skipping meals reduces this rate.

· Eating should be done while one is relaxed and seated but never the common grazing before the fridge.

· Let the tempting foods be cut out of your home and discipline yourself to eat only at home.

· Ensure you are very busy as this will act as an exercise in addition to eliminating the possibilities of you eating just because you are bored.


The Power of Jotting it down

It is encouraged that one keeps a journal when they are dieting. Always put in writing everything you eat as this has been proven to help one stay firm on track. Even if you just write it down on a piece of napkin and throw it afterwards, writing it down itself is an act of accountability to oneself; a very effective weight loss tool. Writing down also leads to a better memory of the same even if you will never read it again.

Most people put most of their focus on the number of calories and the types of foods eaten, forgetting about emotional eating. How you feel before and during the eating time highly determine how your body will respond to the food. It’s thus important for you to note down your feelings just before and during the meal time. Were you anxious, happy, angry, bored or sad? When you will later be going through your notes, you will end up realizing that the best results were achieved when you ate while relaxed. This may be an insight that would govern you never to eat while emotional as discouraged by health principles.

The Time for Moving More in Nigh


As much as the healthy diets for weight loss have a great role to play, having a trim body entails an entire lifestyle overhaul. Forty five minutes a day of active exercise is recommended. The best exercise is always to walks so fast that you are almost starting to pant. With this, you will lose more weight than any other form of exercise. It is a form of cardio exercise that does not involve lots of shock. Cardio is the best for weight loss though strength training needs to be introduced afterwards. More sweat means more trimming.