Perhaps you have a regular gym routine and good fitness habits during a normal workweek, but you completely fall off track when your career or family life gets hectic, time is crunched, and you’re forced to work out somewhere other than the gym. At home, in the office, in a limited hotel gym, or even in a cramped hotel room, you feel like you can’t work out.

You could say your program lacks flexibility and mobility – only fitness geeks will get that ridiculously lame joke, but I’m telling it anyway.

The reason things fall apart for busy men and women is usually because:

  1. Most people have no strategy for less than ideal situations like working late, family emergencies, or traveling.
  2. Their baseline strategy is not that practical to begin with, so it can’t be transferred to any other setting outside their regular gym.

First thing’s first…

I’m assuming you are just a little like me and your main reasons for eating right and working out are to look awesome with your shirt off, pants off, or walking around naked (hey now!).


Of course, improving your health, energy, cognitive function, overall wellness, posture, muscle imbalances, and reducing chronic pain are all nice side effects of a targeted and informed routine.

But let’s not be delusional here. Your main goal is to be able to attend one of Ron Burgundy’s glorious pool parties in “physique style.”

With that being the case, let’s talk about my overall approach to fat loss, physique enhancement, and looking and feeling awesome year-round regardless of your busy professional life.

A young man doing squats at an office copy machine
A young man doing squats at an office copy machine

Most people take an inefficient approach or end up with a plan that isn’t aligned with the main goals of fat loss and physique enhancement. That’s why they end up disappointed with their results despite consistent effort, and that sucks.

Or if that isn’t the reason, sometimes they’ve become so caught up in fitness marketing and fads that they think they need $5000 machines in luxury gyms that triple as TV’s and espresso makers along with every “secret fitness technique” in the book to get results.

If that’s you, your plans are too complicated and need to be demystified and simplified.

Here’s the tough love truth…

If you can’t get results with real foods and free weights (including bodyweight exercises), no magic pill or fancy machine is going to make up for it.

The good news is that this simplified approach can be used anywhere, any time. It’s adaptable, flexible, and simple. It can work as your normal routine and it works equally as well as a home-based routine or while traveling.

What you need to succeed…

The following is what I believe is the most effective overall strategy for body composition transformation. It provides the fastest results. Because of its efficiency, it also provides the most permanent results.

  1. Use diet for 80% of your fat loss. Don’t try to out-train a poor diet. You can’t.
  2. Walk daily for the final 20% of fat loss. Don’t underestimate this powerful habit.
  3. Stretch to offset your seated computer posture, improve muscle imbalances, and reduce chronic, nagging pain.
  4. Include mobility drills to restore natural range of motion and prevent injury.
  5. For those with higher-level physique goals, strength train to build lean muscle, tighten, tone, and shape your body.


Is my approach the only way? Absolutely not. But I believe it is the most effective, efficient, practical, and sustainable as an ongoing lifestyle plan.

Before we get into the actual routines, let’s take a look at each one of the steps a little more closely. After all, you should know why I recommend going about it this way.

I don’t want you to follow a plan just because I or anyone else says to. Don’t be a sheep following the herd. That’s how you get fattened up and slaughtered by fitness sharks!

Man talking on cell phone in urban crosswalk
Man talking on cell phone in urban crosswalk

I want you to gain some knowledge and come to your own conclusions – to empower you to be your own coach. That’s the only way you’ll stop jumping from useless plan to useless plan and will stick with something that actually works and provides consistent results…