Losing weight is extremely disappointing if you don’t get your targeted waistline, much more if the excess fats that you are trying to get rid of are found around your belly.

Experts say belly fat is the most difficult to lose. You will know how “bad” is your belly fat by measuring your waist using an ordinary tape measure. You have abdominal obesity if your waist measures above 40 inches (for men) and 35 inches (for women).managing-weight-is-easier

But even if belly fat is difficult to lose, you can completely get rid of it by following these simple tips.

Cut carbohydrates. It is common knowledge that carbs can contribute to weight gain so you have to completely shy away from these. This is the most effective way to lose fat.

Based on studies, those who don’t eat carbohydrate-rich food will experience a decline in appetite, which will result to weight loss. Low carb diets will significantly reduce belly fat, according to researches.


Among the foods that contain high amounts of carbohydrates are pasta and white bread.

Cut on refined sugar. Fructose, the substance found in sugar, is metabolized by the liver. However, when you take in a lot of sugar, the liver will be unable to metabolize all of it so it is forced to turn it into fat and is stored in the belly. Among those that contain high amount of sugar are 3-in-1 coffee and tea, fruit juices, sports drinks and even carbonated softdrinks. To still enjoy sweetened food, eat fruits instead because these are more healthy.


Eat fiber-rich foods. Numerous studies show that dietary fiber, especially viscous fibers that are indigestible, helps people lose weight. Viscous fibers are those that bind water and form a thick gel. The gel, which will then sit in the intestinal gut, works to slow down the movement of food resulting to slow digestion and absorption. When this happens, you will feel full longer and your appetite will reduce. Viscous fibers are found in most fruits and vegetables such as legumes.


Eat protein-rich foods. Studies show that protein helps reduce cravings for food by as much as 60 percent. This macronutrient also helps boost your metabolism, allowing you to burn between 80 to 100 calories per day.

Protein, particularly if sourced from animals, has been found to reduce your chances of gaining belly fat. So if you don’t know how to lose belly fat, just eat unprocessed meat, poultry, eggs, seafood and fish because these are the best sources of protein.


Exercise regularly. Even if you cut down on carbs and sugar and eat more protein- and fiber-rich food, you still need to exercise because it will greatly help you gain a healthy body all over. Based on studies, aerobic exercises have been found to help reduce belly fat. Aerobic exercises include walking, swimming and running.


The same studies also show that aerobic exercises help you maintain your weight while preventing you from gaining back the lost abdominal fat.

Now you know how to lose belly fat fast and easy with these simple but effective tips.