The first diet secret:

Diets are a very individual thing to follow. Some diets that worked for the author of that diet may not work for you. It may be too complicated, expensive or have some other flaw that makes it unsuitable for you.

You may have to combine several parts of different diets to find a method that suits you. Think of diets as a lifestyle change..


The second diet secret:

Forget about the past, regrets, remorse and the what if’s. Why didn’t I and if only things of the past. It doesn’t matter old you are or how much you want to lose. To help you lose the weight you want, the secret is to have mini-goals.

If you break down 60 pounds as an example into three pounds a week it will be a lot easier. These mini-goals will help you focus on the future and forget your failures of the past.

Young healthy woman with fruits and vegetables. Diet.
Young healthy woman with fruits and vegetables. Diet.

You need to set realistic goals for yourself, it probably took you several years to get overweight. So it will probably take at least several months to reach your goal weight.

Most experts consider one to two pounds of fat loss a week to be a realistic goal. If you try to lose weight too fast your body will go into starvation mode. There is a physical limit on how much you can lose in a week.

Diet secret number three:

Start a food diary. Research done by the American Diabetic Association proved that dieters keep failing by underestimating their calories by as much as 300 percent. that is the reason it’s so important to start a food diary.

This will also help you figure out why you are overeating, by revealing you eating triggers. When you keep your diary, record your mood, fat in the food and the number of calories you ate.


Update your goals after you have been on your diet for a while. After a few weeks you should know how you are doing and you will know how much weight you are losing each week. Depending on that you can adjust the foods you are eating.

The fourth tip:

Forget the past and any failures you have had with other diets. You are the master of your own destiny and the present is all you have to act on.

The fifth tip:

Stay positive and don’t allow any negative thoughts to stop you. As part of this don’t let negative people into your life.

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