Is it difficult to learn how to get in shape fast at home?

You know that nightmare feeling of going to a gym and not knowing what to do there? Yet it seems that all the fit people are going there and coming out looking amazing. Perhaps you feel in jeopardy because you are not comfortable at gyms, but want to be in shape as well. This can be a pitfall for some. It is difficult to get motivated to workout and get fit at home. Maybe you are frightened that you’ll give up too easily and not see any results.


Learning how to get in shape fast at home is one of the best ideas ever. Since we spend half of our lives at home, wouldn’t it be great to be successful at being healthy and fit while at home? This doesn’t have to be a dream of yours, it can become a reality. In fact, if you can make some changes and become successful at being healthy at home, you can enjoy a fuller, longer life.

As I was working towards my weight loss and fitness goals, I found it easier each week. The next week was easier than the previous week. This momentum drove me to not only accomplish my goals, but to exceed them. Your body wants to be in shape and as long as you can think positively about it, there is no stopping you.

Discover these tips to help you get in better shape:

*Replace. Wipe out all negative feelings and thoughts right now. This will only halt your progress. You will experience more energy if you let those negative emotions out of your life right now. Think positively about your home as well. Try not to criticize its limitations. Be grateful for it and you will find solutions and results.

*Repeat. Everyday, repeat out loud or in your mind positive thoughts and emotions about your goals. They are sometimes called “I am” statements. For example: I am doing 25 push ups a day to shape my arms, burn calories, and be more fit.

*Reward. Be nice to yourself and reward achievements. Just don’t use food as a reward. Buy new workout clothes, spa services, or entertainment.

*Rehydrate. Make sure you are drinking enough water all day. Drink even more when you are working out.


*Plan it out. Plan out your meals and workouts. Following a plan takes the guesswork out of it.

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Hi, I’m Shari Carter and I am a Cosmetologist as well as a Health and Wellness Advocate. I am passionate about helping people reach their health and weight loss goals.