I see you’ve decided that carrying around a few extra pounds that just doesn’t work well with your life anymore and you’re trying to get rid of this extra weight. Well you’ve made a great stumble over that pizza and have come across an article that will change your life and outlook on losing weight.. I have been able to manipulate different factors to ultimately find the best ones that allow for the ultimate results with the greatest chance of adherence. Taking the first step is usually the most difficult change towards success. Instead of changing ones diet short term, focus on longevity and adherence.



Losing weight is much easier than what many believe and implementation is a key attribute towards achieving new extreme changes. More times than not, I am approached by individuals who have taken their first footstep towards changing their fitness life, however fall off shortly after starting much like a new born deer falls after it enters the new world. ADHERENCE is the key to success, much like a newborn deer isn’t immediately capable of walking, it tries and tries again until it adapts and is able to further understand what it takes to walk. You will fall down, but the key to this failure is learning and adapting to further improve your chances of succeeding. Not everything in life is going to be easy and learning from your mistakes is what makes the difference from those who give up as opposed to those who continue day after day.

It may not be your sixth fall, it may not be your eighth fall, but eventually you will not fall anymore and you will realize that walking becomes a natural instinct. Dieting follows a very similar path as bizarre and weird as these sounds. When adapting to a diet, it is a tedious job trying to get on board and better understand the nutritional content of different food options but overtime it becomes more natural. The more you know about nutrition and the breakdown of food, the better your fitness outlook and life will follow.

When giving others advice on how to lose weight, I keep it extremely simple by having them follow 3 keys:

• Have a reason 
• Make small changes 
• Don’t believe everything you see on the internet

Now I know what you’re thinking; Is it really that easy? If I follow these three keys ill get the ideal physique similar to that of Arnold Schwarzenegger or Jessica Simpson? And the answer is it depends. These are the first steps to getting started on your fitness journey and assuring you don’t over complicate the process leading to failure. Now some of you are saying what do these 3 keys mean? What do these queues have to deal with adapting to a diet? Well let’s get down and dirty and explain these concepts!


Have a reason:

What motivates you to continue on, to fight for what you want, to achieve what many describe as impossible. Why are you wanting to lose weight? Are others making your weight issue the laugh of conversation? Are you so overweight that it’s causing major health issues? No I’m not an infomercial ad, but ask yourself these questions. If your answer was yes to any of them, congratulations you have the ultimate tool to assure success. People are self motivated these days and after coming face to face with a wall of struggles, they don’t have the ability to advance and therefore fall off. This will not be you because you’re that certain individual packing an HK M320 grenade launcher(I had no idea what this was, however I found out it essentially is a weapon that will cause mass destruction) in your back pocket that when faced with a wall you’re going to blow a 50 foot wide hole in it and continue on your journey. Use your why as a constant reminder of your new journey and a powerful motivator to prove those with doubt wrong.

Make Small changes:

Too many times I hear individuals starting a diet who are looking for immediate results as opposed to having sustained results. Their idea is that if they cut literally everything from their diet and consume a granola bar a day, they will lose weight and achieve their goal. This may be true, however this is an extremely unhealthy and stupid (yes very uneducated) decision that will result in a post diet effect that will have far more serious weight gain issues than the initial starting point. Making small changes week after week or month after month is what assures this journey isn’t turned into a 100 meter sprint. What I mean by small changes include:

• Cut out fast food 
• Incorporate physical fitness 
• Limit food intake 
• Learn about nutrition

light breakfast to fast weight loss
light breakfast to fast weight loss

If you adhere to small changes on a smaller occurrence. you will be able to incorporate these changes to your life much easier and eventually realize that this diet has morphed into a Lifestyle change.

Don’t believe everything you see on the internet:

Anyone with a laptop and internet access can write whatever they want on the internet as I am doing right now… What separates me from them? Implementation, experience, and actual results from others I’ve helped. You can virtually say whatever you want on the internet these days and provide the uneducated with a slew of false facts. Sadly the overall belief of promising results has come down to marketing instead of the actual studies formulated by highly educated certified individuals. If you’re going to the internet for your information, check the sources and dive deeper into the studies instead of just taking someone’s word on the issue. If you get your information from a trainer or an experienced individual, simply ask them where they found this information or what types of certifications they hold. Don’t get suckered into the colors and pretty websites; credible individuals are more interested in the content of their information rather than a colorful web display.