You are following a weight maintenance plan for several weeks now, making awesome changes in your body and suddenly you have stopped seeing any progress despite your continued efforts. Your biggest fear has become true; you’ve reached the dreaded weight loss plateau. It is the time when nothing works, no matter what you do.


It occurs when your body tries to maintain the weight where it is comfortable. You should not give up at this point of time. You can do several things to overcome this plateau and reach your ideal weight goal.

Read on to find out what you need to do to break the plateau:

• Eat water-rich foods: A pound of vegetables will only add up to 65 to 195 calories in comparison to a pound of fat-free chips which is packed with 1,600-1,725 calories.

Water-rich foods that also contain high amount of fiber act as the priceless bonus for your weight loss efforts. Fill up your stomach with such foods to feel satiated for longer duration.


• Boost your metabolism: Start taking thermogenic diet formulas that can boost your energy level and increase your slow metabolism resulting from dieting. Clinical studies have shown that typical ingredients such as green tea extract and Garcinia cambogia can increase your metabolic rate as well as have thermogenic effect on fat stored in your body.

Buy natural food supplements from wholesale suppliers as these products contain powerful, research-proven ingredients, which could help you break the plateau.


• Drink more water: It has been scientifically proven that water aids in reducing weight, but when you feel that your weight is now stagnant, drink more water than you used to drink when you started the weight loss program.

This is because more water is needed to eliminate the toxins produced by fat cells from your body. When you lose some weight, fat cells shrink and release toxins that can negatively affect hormone levels. These hormones can promote fat storage and appetite. So, drink 2.5-3 liters of water every day to regulate hormonal balance and appetite.

• Move to high-intensity exercise: If you’re not losing at the same pace you once were, then you need to switch your exercise regime to high-intensity one.

Studies have revealed that high-intensity interval training, wherein you do exercise at faster rate for several minutes and then recover from it by doing low-intensity exercise, provides greater results. The greater you do exertion, the greater will be the results. Choice is yours.


Just counting calories and starving yourself cannot help you break through the plateau. Nothing feels better than being healthier. So, break that stubborn weight loss plateau by following these tips, and reap the maximum rewards in your ‘get-slim’ journey.

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