The rate at which diseases and unhealthful conditions are escalating in today’s world is really alarming. Regions, countries and villages that never witnessed some of the conditions like obesity and diseases like cancer before are today suffering from the same. The lean bodies that were characterized with some continents are no more. And what could be the cause of all these?

Although there are a number of factors that are considered responsible for the observable change we are witnessing in the society today, diet comes tops. The truth is that most communities have long left their traditional dietary systems. Their traditional cuisines are today prepared to them as special diets. In any case, they say that your system is a constitution of what you eat thus what we are seeing today has resulted from what we take in to our bellies.


It is therefore of great importance to us that we determine what is good and that which really can’t be the best for us. It is only by being able to ascertain the two sides of the coin that we can be able to get that healthy, lean and slim body that we have always yearned for. In a nutshell, let’s consider what constitutes the

The Real Issue

Recently a good number of celebrities have been endorsing the alkaline diet. One celeb after the other has proclaimed how good such diets are when it comes to weight loss together with their counter active effects towards cancer and the likes. Most of the world’s population has always been dazzled by whatever celebs do or say. They join the bandwagon without questioning. But for you, before blindly joining the bandwagon, the facts of this hype have to be well understood first. Here are the facts:

What Constitutes the Alkaline Diet?

It is proven that once someone’s body is loaded by too much protein especially the animal based amino acids, too much caffeine, excessive refine sugars, alcoholic and fermented substances together with highly processed foods, the body pH goes down correspondingly. As a result, the body acidity raises a precursor for weight gain and almost all the diseases today. The remedy for this is to increase the body pH or rather make it alkaline. This is done by eating much of fresh vegetables and fruits and their raw juices together with other alkaline promoters which include legumes, soy products together with a number of grains and nuts. These should replace the acid promoters such as poultry, dairy products, meat, aquatic animals, white flour, refined sugars, and caffeine among other highly processed foods.


Health Benefits of Alkaline Diets

From the lists above it is clear that alkaline foods are 100% plant-based products in their natural and fresh forms. On the counter wise, the acidic foods are entirely animal based foods together with the plant-based foods that are either not fresh or are not in their natural forms. Addition of sugars is discouraged from the alkaline based foods among other condiments. In a nutshell, alkaline based diet is all about eating healthfully or rather subsisting on the producers alone as mentioned before.


It is evident both from scientific researches together with surveys that people subsisting upon plant-based diets tend to not only have an appropriate body weight and mass but also tend to be free from degenerative diseases such as cancer, diabetes together with cardiovascular diseases among others.

Subsisting upon alkaline based foods that include fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains and less processed plant-based foods in general, lead one to lose weight steadily. This taken with a lot of temperance in conjunction to regular exercise is just the best Trim and fit diet for weight loss you can come across.