You want to be successful in losing weight, getting in shape and feel spirited and alive to do so. But you know that your chances for success slip away unless you can truly feel motivated, energetic and stay that way through the rough patches. Sure, you have the desire to make changes, but unless you are motivated enough to take action, you won’t see results. You worry that you’re not into it, that you feel dangerously low and vulnerable, but you’ll regret not finding out the magical formula to change all of that.


Feeling spirited and energetic is a great start when I want to lose weight but I can’t get motivated. Getting started is half of the battle, once you get started the motivation takes off and then you find momentum to keep going. Focusing on the jump start you need to rev the engine is the best place to start. Dig down deep and think about in general what motivates you and your personality. Are you motivated by fun, emotional connections, checking off a list, or by imagining the end result? Identifying what motivates your personality will help you to find the right direction.

As I was trying to find my motivation, I planned everything out. Planning is what motivates me to get going. As I planned and prepared, I was able to achieve momentum and reach beyond my original goal. Checking off my list was exhilarating for me and it was exciting to see the scale numbers go down each week.

What To Do When I Want To Lose Weight, But I Can’t Get Motivated?

Discover what best fits your personality to motivate you. Like mentioned above, there are several factors that motivate certain personalities.


If you are fun-loving and spontaneous, you are most motivated by fun. Have a buddy join you in working out and eating right. This will be more fun for you and you will have someone to be accountable to.

If you have the need to feel emotionally connected and are thoughtful and sensitive then planning and permission to take time to relax is best for you. Since you are a worrier, it is best that you reduce stress in your life to prevent further fat cells from forming.

If you like lists and need physical outlets, be sure to add plenty of exercise and lists to get you started.

If you like things to be just right, efficient, and straightforward, then planning and a vision board will work for you.