Unfortunately “yo-yo dieting” is a real issue that many women face. And “yo-yo dieting” causes feelings that are way too numerous to list, but if you have been a “yo-yo dieter” then you know exactly what I mean.

Too many women go about losing weight the hard way. That is not to say that losing weight is easy by any means because it is not. I know that personally. But think about this, how hard would it be to build a house starting with the roof? That would be pretty difficult right? Starting with the foundation makes things less difficult. It is the same way with losing weight. When you start at the foundation it can make things work smoother for you.

young woman with a plate of raw vegetables
young woman with a plate of raw vegetables

Starting at the foundation means you are dealing with the root causes of weight gain, and not trying to put solutions on top of problems that simply won’t work. It might work temporarily but it is not going to help you with long-term weight management.

Starting at the foundation means you are addressing the “why” of your eating behaviors. It means that you are aware of the things that are driving your unhealthy eating habits. And it means that you have a strategic plan to conquer things that are not in alignment with your weight loss goals.

It is important for you to practice mindful eating habits and to be consciously aware of how things like stress, boredom, loneliness and anxiety can rob you of living a healthier and happier lifestyle. Just thinking differently about how you eat can help you to become a weight success. It is not the only thing that can help you to become a weight success, but it is definitely a critical component.

Diet Contemplation Picture
unhealthy eating habits

If you are in a battle with your weight that battle no longer has to consume your life. Sadly many of us spend a big part of our lives struggling with our weight. And it doesn’t have to be that way. With the right mindset, faith and support you can not only lose weight but you can maintain your weight loss permanently. That is something that you deserve.

Dr. Shauntel Peak-Jimenez is a Certified Health Coach and a Certified Weight Management Specialist. She is also the founder of The Weight Success Institute for Women. The Weight Success Institute for Women is a holistic weight management organization specifically for women. Dr. Shauntel Peak-Jimenez specializes in educating and empowering women to break through emotional eating and other inner obstacles that are blocking her from maintaining her ideal weight.

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